Thursday, August 6, 2009


I am so tired. Is it just me, am I losing my mind? I don't understand how I can get a full nights sleep, have a normal day with no extra special activity, but yet here I am at 3:30 in the afternoon I feel like I'm completely exhausted! What is WRONG with me?????

The girls are all contently playing in their rooms, which would be a great opportunity for me to get something accomplished...but no, rather I'm on the computer. I had to get my daily dose of Farm Town on FB. :0)
At least I did go in to work for a little bit today and got something done!

The girls are starting to get emotional about Jeff leaving. Calli cries from time to time, Jacie talks about how she will miss him, and Megan is trying to spend every minute/second she can right there beside him! She is a true Daddy's girl! I have already been talking with her teachers...they are so sweet! Her teacher said they would do whatever they could to help!

Well we have a full weekend of Birthday parties. One tomorrow and two on Saturday! :0)
The girls are excited.

Calli wants to have a sleepover before school starts, but I'm not sure I'm going to be able to make it happen? I promised her we would have one for her birthday. That is another thing the girls are upset about....Dad will not be here for any holidays or birthdays! Hopefully the visits from Grandparents will help with that? I'm just NOT brave enough to travel with 4 kids by myself anywhere! I have a hard enough time driving with them to Pensacola by myself! Mostly because they argue! (go figure) I'm normally the one who sits in the middle as a mediator!

I have noticed for myself that I am becoming more anxious. My hair is falling out more than normal, not to mention all the Grey hair that is popping up, and my stomach is staying in constant upset! UGH!!!!!!!

On a positive note, the girls and I are working on a schedule that we will tweak once school starts...but it provides for plenty of "family" time. Making sure we get enough down time focus on each other. Not too much of just hurrying from one activity to another!
Plus we are going to schedule times to talk to dad and grandparents on the webcam. Plus a few other things the girls want to make a routine of!
All I know is it is going to be a long...different 2 years. I know God will get us through it. We are blessed to have many wonderful friends and our family.

I guess I have rambled on enough for today. My head keeps spinning with all the different things I need to take care of before Jeff leaves.... :0(

Until next time~ Ciao

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